15 February 2010

how not to make meatballs

Don't put in too many corn chip crumbs (2/3 of a cup to about 1.7lbs of meat is too much - I think less than 1/4 cup for that much meat).

Do put in enough salt - nothing new here.

otherwise they were ok. Added a bit of bison that was nice before the corn flavor fully developed and completely overwhelmed everything.

Need to work on my tomato sauce as well - it was that sort of day in the kitchen.

Oh well - even in Australia...

12 February 2010

Beef with ginger

Not much to it...

2 NY strips sliced about 1/4" marinated with about a thumb size bit of ginger grated fine, 5-6 cloves of garlic minced light soy sauce and a some sesame oil. Mix it up in a bowl, let it sit. Added the chopped white parts from a bunch of scallions.

Into a hot skillet for about 4-5 minutes. Err on the raw side - do not over cook!

Add the chopped green bits from the scallions after you put the cooked meat into a serving bowl.

Served it with stir-fried vegetables (I put carrots in hot oil to start, gives them a head start cooking and makes them sweet and yummy). In this one also had a bit of onion, zucchini, fresh green beans and more garlic. Timari and a splash of sesame oil.

It was a hit with the teenagers - even the mostly vegetarian tried the beef and had more.

08 February 2010

Pork that doesn't pull

It is indeed a foggy morning - the sun is shining and the snow is sparkling, but my mind is lost somewhere in a deep swamp.

The pork that is liked is like the "first one you did" - saying that to me is the historical repetition of my asking Mom to recreate the amazing dish she had just constructed from leftovers. Maybe not exactly as I know where the first roast came from and I am pretty sure that everything was fresh (but I can't really remember if I poured a little Kent White magic in the first one...)

How do they do it over and over again, plate after plate, night after night, turning out consistent food that pleases the full range of the senses... ?

anyway today my senses are overwhelmed and my operating system is completely bogged down...